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Thread: Address Group/Distribution List Trouble

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    Question Address Group/Distribution List Trouble

    I am syncing Outlook to my iPhone 5s and Deja Office. When I look at the Contact lists (both DJO and iPhone) the lists are in the contact list, but appear to be empty if I click on them. Then if I try to create a new message and place the Group/Distribution list into the To field, the list is greyed out and cannot be used in the message. It almost appears like there are no e-mail addresses associated with the list.

    How can distribution/group lists be used on an iPhone using DJO?
    Thanks, Rich

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    lorenzg, welcome to the forums!

    DejaOffice for iPhone does not send emails or texts to distribution lists. You see them, because the list header is brought in from Outlook. But the DejaOffice App does not hold the list or send to the members. You'll need to use Outlook for that.

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