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Thread: Using Outlook mail app

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    Using Outlook mail app

    I am using the Outlook app for email handling on my iPhone.

    Therefore I have no accounts configured in the Apple mail.

    If in DejaContacts I press the email address of a contact person I get the error message "Device not configured for email".

    I assume this is due to the Apple mail not being configured.

    Is there any way to direct Deja to use the Outlook mail app instead?


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    You'll need to configure outbound mail settings on your iPhone. Here's a page to help you do that:


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    Thanks for the reply. I must admit I DO know how to configure the e-mail.

    My problem is how (if possible) to make DejaContacts activate the Outlook mailapp instead of the build in Apple Mail.

    Configuring the Apple Mail app does not seem to solve my problem (I guess). But maybe it is the only solution.

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    Apple Sandboxing means that one App cannot talk to another App on an iPhone. As far as I know, Microsoft is not providing API access. Normally access would be on the Email side (Exchange or IMAP) so that multiple Email Apps on an iPhone would all talk to the same Mailbox on the web.

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    Well, thanks. That is what I feared :-)

    I will make contact to the Outlook App - people to see if they have some solutions.

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