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Thread: Okay, so here's an idea... ;-)

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    Lightbulb Okay, so here's an idea... ;-)

    Could DJO CRM Live be turned into more of a money maker? The idea is that people could pay for CRM Live instead of Companionlink and Outlook. It would serve people who want a remote desktop available no matter where they are or what computer they are on. It would also make it possible to use DejaOffibe on Linux (which I just migrated to, so, yes, this whole scheme is self-serving )

    If you folks really put some refort into CRM Live, I'm sure it would be very competitive with other web-based CRMs and then with the push sync to devices, it could be a great option. Well, I'd like it anyway.

    Just spit-balling...
    Sadly, I can no longer use CL or DJO as I have replaced Outlook with Thunderbird and Pimlical Desktop. Pimlical, since moving to Java 8 is no longer compatible with Companion Link. I will lurk about just because I am interested. Please let me know if the Pimlical compatibility problem ever changes and thanks to all here for your support and help over the years. This is the best software for synching Outlook to Android.

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    The CRM Live site is based on a good engine. However, I don't think there is much available revenue for a web app. There are a million web apps, and only a few garner any decent income and then only because they connect to a traditional revenue source. For CompanionLink, people are used to buying PC Apps so that provides us some revenue. But the Android/iPhone apps are free and so is the web app.

    Our new revenue source is the DejaOffice Calendar Wallpaper app. Check it out.

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