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Thread: Okay, so here's an idea... ;-)

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    Lightbulb Okay, so here's an idea... ;-)

    Could DJO CRM Live be turned into more of a money maker? The idea is that people could pay for CRM Live instead of Companionlink and Outlook. It would serve people who want a remote desktop available no matter where they are or what computer they are on. It would also make it possible to use DejaOffibe on Linux (which I just migrated to, so, yes, this whole scheme is self-serving )

    If you folks really put some refort into CRM Live, I'm sure it would be very competitive with other web-based CRMs and then with the push sync to devices, it could be a great option. Well, I'd like it anyway.

    Just spit-balling...
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    *Temporary phone after my Nexus 6p died, holding out for this phone as a replacement:

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    The CRM Live site is based on a good engine. However, I don't think there is much available revenue for a web app. There are a million web apps, and only a few garner any decent income and then only because they connect to a traditional revenue source. For CompanionLink, people are used to buying PC Apps so that provides us some revenue. But the Android/iPhone apps are free and so is the web app.

    Our new revenue source is the DejaOffice Calendar Wallpaper app. Check it out.

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