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Thread: CRM Live updates?

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    CRM Live updates?

    Do you guys have any updates planned for the CRM Live Version 1.2.3 Jan 13, 2016? The interface is extremely slow and we have continuously had problems with syncing all of our devices to it. I will be starting from scratch again but it takes so long to sync from the PC to the Cloud and then to the devices. Thanks! Lynny Davis Moore

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    Ms. Moore, welcome to the forums.

    There are two totally different systems here.

    One is the DejaCloud sync. That is usually very fast. For the last 36 hours we've had a particular customer in Australia with 32000 calendar records, that is causing the system to churn. I've been working on ways to get that working better, but I think within a few hours that customer is going to find that we archived most of their old data.

    The Web interface is an independent piece. I think most of the problem is actually your dataset. Right now you also have 44000 deleted records in your account. Since they are deleted, is it ok if I remove them from the server? (they are kept for 3 weeks as a backup). I think what you are seeing is that although it loads 2000 Contact records for you, it is skipping past 18,000 deleted contacts in your account, so the load time is 5 times longer than it could be.

    Tech support can help with this. Give a call

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