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Thread: Shortcuts will not show up on Android Home

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    Shortcuts will not show up on Android Home

    I just upgraded my Google Pixel to the Google Pixel2 and when I try to put some of the shortcuts on my Android Home Screen they don't show up. I had to trouble with this on any other phone I've had. I'm using DejaOffice 4.3.6 (Build 1002) and Android 8.0.0

    I know there are Widgets available but they are more than I'm looking for. I just want the simple shortcuts.


    Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HD Android ver. 4.4.2; PC OS-Vista 32 bit; Palm DeskTop-ver. 4.1.4; DJO-3.1.2, CL-6018, Wi-Fi Sync/Cloud Sync.

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    Be sure you are making your shortcut from Android Desktop

    Go to Android Desktop, long press to get "Shortcuts and Widgets". Find DejaOffice. Choose "Widget" 1x1 (this is the way Android does shortcuts now). Move it to where you want. When you move it, it will show a lit of shortcuts to choose from. Choose the selected Shortcut.

    The option to create shortcuts from within DejaOffice does not work with all Android launchers.

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    Yeah, it worked easily. But it wasn't obvious, I fighted a bit before recurring to the forum on a PC. Maybe put a note in the "shortcuts" section?

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