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Thread: Cannot Edit Some Contacts + Some Caller ID's Do Not Show

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    Cannot Edit Some Contacts + Some Caller ID's Do Not Show

    2 Problems:

    (1) I cannot edit some fields of some contact on DJOA.
    E.g., I can create a new contact, and all is fine.
    But with certain contacts, I cannot add another phone number, or modify an old one. However, I can modify their name. Go figure....

    (2) And some contacts do not show caller ID when calling, or in the call history.
    Many DJOA contacts do show up in the android apps for phone calls and SMS. But some don't....

    How I got to have the problems:
    DJOA worked all fine on my previous phone. No, it worked AWESOME!

    I have recently migrated my DJOA clusb folder from one HTC One M8 (branded Verizon) to another (branded T-Mobile), both unocked.

    For that I copied the folder manually to the new phone, after installing DJOA.

    What I have tried so far:
    Reinstall DJOA.
    Replace the (virgin) clusb folder that DJOA created when I installed it, with the clusb folder from the previous phone.
    In DJOA Sync Settings, I selected DJOA as contact account.
    In Android Accounts & Sync Settings, I included DJOA to sync.

    My specs:
    DJOA 4.3.7 (build 1018)
    Android 6.0
    HTC One (M8), unlocked, branded T-Mobile

    Thanks for any help!

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    Hello JungleCOntactManager,

    This is Chris with DejaOffice support. I sent a private message to you with some next steps to open a support ticket. Please refer to this message to continue and we will be happy to assist you.

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    Seems the same issue than mine...

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