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Thread: Phone doesn't sync all contacts to Honda Accord Hands-free

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    Phone doesn't sync all contacts to Honda Accord Hands-free

    I upgraded my Samsung Note 4 to a Note 8 and the 2015 Honda Accord Handfree says it is importing but does not import all contacts. Honda said there is a limitation on contact so I went into outlook and reduced my contact to around 1000 and synced with DejaCloud. The Samsung Note 8 shows 4000 contacts and I cannot figure out where I can reduce this without deleting one-by-one on the phone. Is there another solution? I tried to see if there was a Google cloud or Samsung cloud where I could manipulate things but contact find any way to edit contacts.

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    Hello mheffler,

    What I suspect is happening here is that DejaOffice is syncing to a native Contact account that the hands free system in the car does not read. Usually hands free systems pull contacts from the Google account. If your Contacts exist in a different Contact Account your Contacts will not be read by the hands free system in most cases. Please try the steps below.

    1. Open DejaOffice and go to Settings > Sync Settings
    2. Be sure Sync With Android Contacts App is checked
    3. Tap Contact Account and select your Google account
    4. Return to the DejaOffice home screen and long press the Read Android Data button until you see the option to Reread all data
    5. Tap Reread all data

    This will sync all of your DejaOffice Contacts to your Google Contacts, which will in most cases make the contacts visible to your hands free system.

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