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Thread: DejaOffice (Contacts) not syncing all data

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    DejaOffice (Contacts) not syncing all data

    I have the android version of DataOffice that I'm using to sync my contact information from Outlook Business Contact Manager to my android tablet.

    All of the columns sync, but the "details" (notes) tab in BCM does not sync all data to the tablet past a certain limit.

    How can I increase the number of lines that sync from this column in BCM so that the complete data is transferred to the tablet?


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    In CompanionLink Settings, Advanced settings look for a tab for "Notes"

    Set "Number of Notes to Transfer" to something way high like 9999

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    You're saying in the settings on the computer, correct?

    When I go to "Companionlink for Outlook" and click on "Settings", I have an "Advanced" button.

    When I click on that button, I have the following tabs:

    Field Mapping
    BCM Types
    Account Field Mapping
    Category Filter
    Phone Format
    Outlook Folders
    Auto Synchronization

    I'm not seeing a "Notes" tab - am I looking in the wrong place?


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