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Thread: Contacts disappeared on phone, but not on Outlook

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    Contacts disappeared on phone, but not on Outlook

    So I'm using a Google Pixel 2 and syncing and CL for Outlook over Local Wi-fi.

    It had been working great and then last week it kept having trouble staying connected to sync. No big deal as I didn't have a lot going on where I was adding/deleting contacts, calendar items, tasks, etc. I was able to sync on December 2 and then finally again yesterday. I had not changed any settings or done any updates on software, but after syncing my phone no longer has any contacts listed. When I look at my Outlook Contacts on PC, they are all still there, but on the CL for Outlook it shows 0 contacts. I'm not sure which end the issue is on and since I didn't change any settings I'm baffled. Oh, and I had it set to sync both ways and where items deleted in Outlook would be deleted on Android and vice versa.

    I switched to sync Outlook to Android and wipe all contacts on Android, still no contacts. Updated to latest CL for Outlook, still no contacts. I'm out of ideas. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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    Hi jamaeusa,

    Thank you for contacting us. It sounds like you might have the wrong Outlook Contacts folder selected in CompanionLink. Please open CompanionLink and go to Settings > Advanced > Outlook Folders and be sure the correct folder is selected for sync here. Once you are sure the correct folder is selected, perform a reread of Outlook to restore the records on the phone. Alternatively, you may be able to restore your records in DejaOffice using a DejaOffice backup.

    DejaOffice creates backups for the last six syncs. I will walk you through restoring your backup. The first thing I would recommend doing is making a copy of you clusb folder.

    Copying the clusb folder:
    1. Connect your Android device to your pc using a USB cable
    2. Using Windows explorer, navigate to your device and locate the clusb folder
    3. Right click the clusb folder and select Copy
    4. Navigate to a location you would like to save the clusb folder as a backup (for example Documents) and paste the clusb folder here.

    Restoring the backup:
    1. Connect your Android device to your pc using a USB cable
    2. Using Windows explorer, navigate to your device and locate the clusb > Backup
    3. Right click on the backup file with the date you would like to restore from
    4. Select Copy
    5. Go back to the main clusb folder, right click anywhere, and select Paste
    6. Find the companionlink.db file and rename to something like companionlinkZ.db (if you don't see the file extension you can turn them on in Windows Control Panel > Folders > View > and uncheck hide file extensions for known file types).
    7. Now rename the backup file you pasted with the date to companionlink.db (remove the date)
    8. Close Windows Explorer then unplug your Android device
    9. Open DejaOffice on your Android device (if you don't see a message about the version you are on then go to the homescreen of DejaOffice and click exit and then reopen)
    Your data should now be restored.

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    Thanks! Verifying the correct contacts folder worked. I'm still not sure how that got changed, but it looks like I was somehow trying to sync with my suggested contacts instead. I'm saving that backup information, though, in case I have any issues in the future. Thanks for the quick response!

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    This is exactly what I've been looking for because DejaOffice Contacts keeps syncing with Outlooks "My Contacts" instead of "Contacts." Except, I don' have an "advanced" button in "settings." How can I tell DO to sync with the correct contacts folder?

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    In CompanionLink, look for "Advanced" on the lower left corner of the Settings screen.

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