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Thread: Dejaoffice PC own Desktop PIM

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    Dejaoffice PC own Desktop PIM

    Have you ever thought of developing your own PIM, I.e. your own version of Outlook? It would solve all sorts of issues with field mapping and you could align it with the native Android contacts and calendar more fluidly. You could also sell it like Companionlink

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    Happy Holidays!

    Someone paid you to say this; right?

    For me, the week between the holidays is really for two things; one) I close the books on our accounting, roll over attendance and get ready for my 8 "government forms" of January (W-2, 1099, etc). I've done this for 30 years so I generally get everything ready to go before Dec 31 except where I need to balance the checkbook. Once balanced on Jan 3rd I push out all the forms, and then I'm done. Because our products are tied to consumer electronics, January is the busiest month of the year for us for both sales and support. So getting everything done early enables me to focus.

    The other thing I do is set development for the upcoming two quarters. The two products I'm kicking around are: DejaOffice for Outlook - an Outlook Add-In that gives you customized Contact, Calendar, Task and Notes data entry screens. It would have a few extra CRM type features, like Last Contact Date and Next Contact Date in Contacts, and proper link-to contacts in Tasks. This would be a 4MB (small) Outlook Add-In that would make Outlook work more like DejaOffice on the Android and iPHone.

    The other project is a Windows Standalone version; DejaOffice for Windows. This would be like Palm Desktop and would be a simple way to handle Contacts, Calendar etc in Windows. Looking at Windows 10, they have Windows 10 People, Email and Calendar, so maybe we'll just attach into that and be done with it...

    Those are what is in my mind. With CompanionLink 8, business is "in the black". My near-term plans are not any sort of rapid expansion, but just some gentle growth with a couple new directions. So I need to leverage existing staff and add achievable products.


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