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Thread: Dejaoffice without a PC link

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    Dejaoffice without a PC link

    Is it possible to use Dejaoffice without a link to a PC, just syncing with Google Calendar. The Dejaoffice setup always apps for how you want to link to a PC and won't skip the step. I would just like to sync to Google Calendar across my devices.

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    There are two ways to do this. For Calendar only, you can set up a Google Calendar on your phone and then set DejaOffice to sync to the native Calendar. This uses Google as a "hub".

    For Contacts and Calendar, set up DejaCloud sync, so make a name and password for DejaCloud. Once your data is set, then set up a Google Connector for your DejaCloud Account. This makes DejaCloud the "hub" so all the devices are connected to it. DejaCloud is a subscription service but it is free if your overall record count (Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes) is less than 500.

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