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Thread: DejaOffice could not open your database

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    Angry DejaOffice could not open your database

    This has happened twice before over the years, but lately this happened last week when synchronizing to Outlook on my PC from my phone. But today this happened only when trying to access DejaOffice on the phone.

    "Try again" never works. "Restore a backup" never works. In the past I've even tried moving the backup database to replace the main database & that didn't work.

    I always wind up having to resort to "create new database" which deletes all DejaOffice data on the phone. Then on the PC, I go to Settings & "Data Types to Sync", which I set to: "Outlook to Android" and "Wipe XXX on Android before synch". Then i have to re-setup the WiFi sync settings which sometimes isn't so smooth.

    Then of course I have to re-complete all the tasks since the last synch. Then turn off Journal, change the font, & change the alarm defaults.

    Gd thing is I'm getting good at this, Bad thing is - this is terrible! I'm loosing confidence in DejaOffice database.

    Please let me know what I can do - is there some kind of re-indexing for the database that could be done for maintenance & more smooth running in the future? Please help me to avoid this from happening again!!!

    I have about 350 contacts, 160 calendar items, 170 tasks, 45 Notes.
    I use a Windows 10 Pro PC. DejaOffice version 7 (build 7046) on PC. WiFi synch.
    DejaOffice 4.3.8 (1021) on cell phone.
    Outlook 2007 SP3
    Samsung SGH-1527, Android 4.4.2

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    Hello AprilW5,

    Thank you for contacting us. We should be able to help with this issue. Please use the link below to create a support ticket and we will assist you as soon as possible.

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    I submitted a Support Ticket

    Thanks. I hope you are able to help.

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