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Thread: Next DejaCloud release?

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    Unhappy Next DejaCloud release?

    I see that the current version of DejaCloud (1.2.4) hasn't been upgraded since January 13, 2016. Will it ever be upgraded?

    I have reported several bugs and performance is horrible, so I know it has problems that need to be fixed.

    I'm also reluctant to upgrade to CompanionLink 8, because the lack of site maintenance makes it seem as if this product is on its way out.

    I love the product, but can't recommend it to others until some of the bugs are fixed and performance improves.

    Is there any hope?

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    Drew welcome to the forums.

    I don't currently have a developer capable of making changes on the website. We are actively modifying the database. But the best way to get the changes is to use a PC App, Android or iPhone. The CRM System online was a great idea, but hasn't been commercially viable. Cloud databases are free.

    For performance - use a different browser than Chrome. For some reason, Chrome is throttling the memory the site needs to perform. Most people find good performance with Firefox.

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