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Thread: Can no longer encrypt data with 4.3.9

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    Can no longer encrypt data with 4.3.9

    I just had to get a new cell phone after my LG G4 died. My new phone is a Samsung Galaxy S8 and I reloaded DejaOffice, the current version is 4.3.9. I can no longer encrypt or decrypt entries in DejaOffice with my new phone/DejaOffice. Has this capability been removed from the application or is there something I need to do to enable it? If I remember correctly, when I first installed DejaOffice from Amazon, I had to purchase a key for some functions, but the key doesn't appear to have carried over to my new phone. Any thoughts?

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    Tjmoss, congrats on the new phone.

    For full database encryption go to DejaOffice Settings, Privacy and Encryption Settings, Encrypt Database [x]. This will do it.

    For Record-by-Recored privacy, choose "Hide records" or "Mask Records" in the same spot, and mark each record as [x] Private. This will do it like old Palm Treo.

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