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Thread: Location Finder in Calendar

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    Location Finder in Calendar

    I am not sure if this is the right place for this post, and if not, please redirect me.

    I am wondering if there is anyway to "disconnect" the address from the location name in the calendar when syncing?

    Sometimes I enter appts. via Outlook on my laptop, and other times via my phone (Galaxy S7).

    I appreciate having the location finder on my phone, but I don't always need it for places I go regularly (my child's school for example). But I cannot enter a location on my phone WITHOUT getting the full address.

    The big issue is that when I sync to Outlook, the entire name AND address are imported into the location field. So when I view and print my calendar in Outlook, I cannot see all of my appt. in the monthly view because the addresses take up a tremendous amount of space.

    This is SOOOO frustrating. The app is so great otherwise. I need to be able to enter things on the fly via my phone, and I don't want to have to edit every appt. in Outlook later.

    PLEASE tell me there is a solution, if not right now, at least in the works.

    Thank you!

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    Kali284, welcome to the forum.

    On the Phone got to DejaOffice Settings, General settings. Way down on the list find Location Picker and set it to Manual.

    With that setting you can put in a short location without having the location lookup.


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