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Thread: Incorrect display of Multiday events

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    Incorrect display of Multiday events

    Consider the following: An all-day event covering several days (multi day event), starting in one month and stretching into the next month.

    THEN: In monthly view, when selecting a day and looking at the events shown at the bottom, the event is only displayed for days in the month in which it starts. It is not displayed if selecting a day in the following month (but still inside the scope of the event period).

    To clarify: The event IS shown in the montly calendar view, but NOT in the "Events" list at the bottom of the monthly view.


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    Ok. we'll look into it...

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    An additional observation: The event MUST be an all-day event for this problem to occur.

    If you create a multiday event occuring, say, 2pm-4pm for a number of days stretching across a month-boundary, the event is displayed correctly in the "Events" area at the bottom for every day as expected.

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    erikl - Thanks for the report. We've fixed this, so it should be in the next release of DejaOffice. I expect that to be available early to middle of next week.

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    Thanks a lot.

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    I have just installed 2.2.7 and the problem is fixed. Thanks.

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