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Thread: DejaTask Priority change bottleneck. improvement needed

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    DejaTask Priority change bottleneck. improvement needed

    To the design staff of DejaOffice,

    PLEASE and for the love of God PLEASE reduce the number of steps/taps required to change the priority level of a task from the currently arduous 7+ steps down to a reasonable 2-steps PLEASE!!

    My predominant interaction with this app (approx. 85% of the time) is to tweak the priority levels of multiple pre-existing tasks, multiple times a day. Why would an app designed to streamline your life throw an obstacle course right in the center of it's highest traffic points?

    Life is dynamic. Things change from minute to minute every day. A change in plans means that the priority of multiple individual tasks suddenly need to change simultaneously. Having a dozen tasks that all need a priority level change and then having to take the time to jump through 7 or more hoops for each one is truly ridiculous, frustrating and an unnecessary waste of time. This highly unnecessary and excessive tax upon my time leads to avoiding the process which leads to disorganization which defeats the purpose of the app for me.

    Desperate to affect a change or at least to illicit some sign off recognition from the authors I offer this analogy: Coping with this significant design flaw is like trying to steer a car without a steering wheel wherein you have to stop the car, put it in Park, set the emergency brake, turn off your engine, turn on the hazard lights, get out and walk to the front of the car, physically lift the front of the car up off the ground and walk it in the direction you want to turn to, drop the front wheels back to ground, get back in the car, restart the engine, turn off the hazard lights, put it in drive and briefly move (notice that I use the word drive) it down the road only to find that life has thrown yet another curve into your day, stop the car and repeat the process again & again several times every day. I find the bloated process of adjusting task priority levels equally ridiculous.

    The fact that Jayhawk94 breeched this very concern 8 years ago to no avail doesn't fill me with hope that this major impediment will ever be designed out of this otherwise awesome app. See:

    Suggestion 1: As Jayhawk94 suggested 8 years ago, and in accordance with the KISS rule of engineering; In the dejatask home page, how about one tap on a task's priority number (just to the right of the check-box) will pop up the priority levels menu where a 2nd tap selects the new priority level, closes the priority menu and finishes the process in about 1 second? Simple, elegant & brilliant. Why this feature was not installed during the primordial phase of development or after nearly 10 years since its release is a conundrum to me.

    Suggestion 2. If for some reason the implementation of suggestion 1 is blocked by some conflict or technical paradox I suggest this compromise; I rarely use the 1-tap read-only pop-up window of a task. If I need to view a task and it's attached notes etc., I prefer to long-tap to bring up the edit window instead since the chances are high that i will need to edit its priority or some other aspect of it anyway. How about making the 1-tap read-only pop-up task window partially editable for just the high-demand features like priority level, due date and notes? Wherein priority & or due date can be edited and the pop-up window closed with the minimal number of taps, like in suggestion 1. Full access to all edits & low-demand options can still be accessed by tapping the edit button on the pop-up window or by long-tapping the line-item on DejaTask's home page.

    I'm a power user of personal organizing apps & I've waded through many in search of the best one. I settled on DejaOffice because it is head & shoulders above the rest. That is why I'm so passionate about removing this wart that threatens to ruin the entire experience.

    Lastly, please offer some recognition or acknowledgement of this issue. If this needed improvement cannot be implemented please offer an explanation as to why so that I can find some device to help manage the frustration & anger that arises when I'm running the gauntlet of adjusting multiple priority levels. Otherwise I cannot fathom why you won't remove this glaring flaw (and thorn in my side) in this nearly flawless app.

    Truly this app would be the perfect punchbowl in every way, and would deserve 10 out of 5 stars if it weren't for this large turd in it.
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    Gosh that's a long post.

    Here's what I sent to the developer.

    DJOA - DejaTasks - List View - Tapping Priority pops up a change box like Category.
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