Quoting from a thread started 8/30/18, One-Off Issue: Convert .csv to .tda
Started by rjbinney, 08-30-2018 10:33 PM
It veered off to this new project:
"We have a new program. We hope this will replace Palm Desktop. Go here to opt-in to the beta test. There's a picture to wet your appetite." https://www.companionlink.com/djcx-opt-in.php

It's also intended to synchronize with Outlook and Google.

I signed up for the beta test, which at this point is occasional emails about their progress. It's not ready for us to try yet. Today's update featured a short video about the current features and integration of calendar-contacts-tasks-etc. The opt-in link is on the above page and also this one -
The link to the new video is on both pages.