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Thread: No Notifications in Status Bar Data Synced to New Android phone

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    Exclamation No Notifications in Status Bar Data Synced to New Android phone

    Hi! I have a replacement Motorola Droid Turbo Android phone. I synced data from the old phone to Outlook 365, before I deactivated the old phone and activated the replacement phone (same models and software) . Then I synced data from Outlook (USB mass storage PC) to the replacement phone. None of the reminders from Outlook events are showing on my Android status bar as notifications. They display in Alarms in the DejaOffice menu. I do, however, get notifications for new events that I create on the phone. I made sure Companionlink and DejaOffice are current. I've tried to fix it in Android notifications and apps, and DejaOffice alarms, and sync, to no avail. Android Lollipop. Thanks in advance for your help.
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    I can't think of why. But I have something to try.

    In DejaOffice, go to Settings, DejaCalendar settings. Near the bottom find "Rebuild Calendar Display". Select that, and see if that works.

    What rebuild does it resets all the stuff that has to do with hidden Calendar functions, including the Alarms list that was handed off to Android.

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