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Thread: Alarms defaulting to ringtone

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    Thanx, @fpostma!

    I had seen the on/off radio button under the DJO alarm settings and assumed there were no additional settings beyond on/off. Well, another lesson of what happens when you ass-u-me.

    Now that I've realized by hitting the category, rather than just the radio button, I've been able to override the default Android settings. So I would consider this thread closed... unless somebody has an additional alarm setting issue they'd like to bring to the table.

    Thanx again for the great forum, and the excellent interaction from the DJO team!


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    KAT, I'm sorry we have not been more organized on this. It was certainly not intended.

    What we did is shifted the "Target" of the build from Android 6 to Android 8. This affects the internals of the how the app interacts with the OS.

    Apparently as part of this shift, the notification system, which is an integral part of the OS, is now engaged in an entirely new way. This is not something we can put under a user setting, because it is a flag on how the project is built.

    It looks like this is also the root of the refresh issues with the widgets. Still working on that.

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