Ever since updating to CompanionLink version 8 Build 8016 I have profile pictures appearing with my DejaOffice Contacts. I don't want them. I didn't have them before updating from CompanionLink version 6 to CompanionLink version 8. I don't remember if I did anything to delete them while using DejaOffice with CompanionLink version 6. Updating from CompanionLink version 6 to version 8 was the only change I made to either my phone or desktop.

I am syncing to Outlook 2003 on my desktop using a USB connection. I have no profile pictures that I know of in Outlook on my desktop. I only use Outlook for contacts, memos/contacts, and calendar, and that is all I'm syncing with my phone. My android phone is a Samsung S4, and my desktop is running Windows 10 Pro.

I would like to get rid of all existing profile photos and prevent the arrival of new ones.

Thanks for your help.