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Thread: Today and calendar home screen widgets don't update

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    Excellent, please let us know if there are any other troubles.

    I can respond much faster to your questions about DejaOffice if you include the following information in your Signature:
    Mobile Device and OS
    DejaOffice version#
    CompanionLink build #
    Data Manager App (Outlook ACT! PalmDesktop etc..)
    Sync Method with CompanionLink
    DejaOffice Sync Settings for Contacts and Calendar. - Please include the "Account" Selected to Sync with for Contacts and or Calendar.
    Also - Please avoid using terms like, "Latest Update", that can mean too many things. Version # is greatly appreciated.

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    I d'l/ed 4.4.7 .... reset both today and calendar widgets (remove/restore)

    looking at today widget, browsed down to see future days, browsed up to look at past days, LOADING showed multiple times (as usual) EXCEPT the widget is hung....
    hit the dejaoffice icon and it hung in loading...
    needed to use android 8.0 to kill DO
    went awayfrom my phone while LOADING STILL showed.... phone display time lapsed
    about 10 seconds later turned display on and the today widget was OK, DO loading was OK

    Darn if I know what's happening ????

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