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Thread: Erractic sync issues with recurring appts

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    Erractic sync issues with recurring appts

    I am currently syncing only into DejaOffice. My primary CRM is RedHorse, which syncs to Outlook. It should be noted that RedHorse sends recurring appts into Outlook as single appts. If editing a single instance of a recurring appt, it asks if I am editing only this appt, and if it should be detached from the group.

    Please note, for every issue brought up below, the Outlook calendar looks correct.

    1. DJO is stacking up copies of no time, multi-day events, ie camping trip info that is repeated daily for 3 days. Seems to add another every time I synch. OL is fine. Native calendar shows dups too.

    2. I edited this week's appts for 2 people who usually have recurring appts. Sync didn't bring them across. So I tried an experiment with some other people, changing their times for next week only. They synced correctly.

    3. I then edited those same previously edited appts, back to the normal time, changing nothing else. Sync'd again, and now I see both the original edit and the latest one. Following weeks seem fine.

    4. On further thought, I realize that #3 means that DJO isn't recognizing the previously edited appt, and the final version, as the same appointment merely edited. It seems there is something about an edited recurring appointment that is treated differently.

    5. On further further thought, I may have found a post from 7/17 that explains the problem

    I would still suggest that everyone will be well served NOT to sync DejaCal events with the onboard Calendar. The onboard Calendar just doesn't handle recurrings consistently with how Outlook or Google handles them

    So I'm unchecking that option and going to purge and reload the calendar, and see what happens from that point on.

    Thought you should know.
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    Same thing here.

    Même problème ici. Chaque syncronisation faite avec le Calendrier du iPhone4 ne purge pas les informations. Pour une même journée le même rendez-vous peut apparaitre 10 fois. De plus, la gestion des catégorie semble poser problème. Un calendrier créé dans Outlook2003 dans lequel je souhaite ajouter les informations contenues dans DejaOffice ne s'y ajoutent pas et se trouvent dans un autre calendrier de type "Anniversaire" ?! Cruellement déçue et encore plus du fait que j'ai payé pour l'utilisation de companionLink Express !!!

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