on my S9 phone....
using the Today widget
- when I touch the plus to add an event the screen goes blank and there's NO response from DO .. I wait and wait over 2 minutes, no response. I use android to go back to the home page... I press the DO icon and same thing, blank screen no response... again use android to go back to the home screen/kill any running apps... try again to add event via plus on widget everything works as advertised
- from time to time as I try to scroll up/down the widget looking at events, the widget FREEZES with "LOADING" displayed on several lines. If I'm patient and walk away or go to another app EVENTUALLY the Today widget updates and I can see the events I was looking for

Calendar widget
- from time to time when I look at the calendar widget it shows blank days when I know there are events those "blank" days. If I cycle thru a wifi sync the calendar goes back to correct sync with the events.

DO app icon
- from time to time (just happened) I press the DO icon and the screen goes blank and stays blank... same as above reported when using the Today widget but this is totally independent of any touching of either today or calendar widget...stilll in a blank screen, pressing home, press DO icon still blank screen, pressing close all android, pressing DO icon, all is well the proper DO screen appears... convenient this happened while I was composing this...lol

Both issues above can be repeated but not always at will, in other words, sometimes all is ok, sometimes the Today widget seems to hang up/lock up... could be a timing issue ?? I'm surely NOT the expert...lol

not critical but only odd behaviors.
thanks in advance,