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Thread: DejaOffice constantly hanging for the last few months - anyone else?

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    Tim, the Crash report and ANR fix build went to beta yesterday. You can sign up for automatic beta by going to the Google Play Store, DejaOffice, and there is an option there to become a beta tester. We are using that system now to preview are releases.

    You can download by hand here:

    Please note that you must use the native browser to download, and not Chrome. Also that Android 8 and 9 are now pretty much blocking side-loaded apps. That's why we are using the Google Play beta now.

    In any case, it will be interesting to see if this changes things. I talked to the developer and he says that the Google Play reports are less helpful now than a few years ago, so he probablly needs logging on when it crashes, and then send the log. He can get it from that.

    Thanks for your patience on this.

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    I installed the latest version of DejaOffice today, and haven't seen any of these hangs yet.

    I'll cross my fingers that this release fixed it, but I'll report back if I see it happening again, and I'll try to generate a log for you if it does.

    - Tim
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