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Thread: 2 feature requests...

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    2 feature requests...

    1) facility to edit tasks as a group, e.g. several with same date - change all to another date as a group without having to do each separately

    2) sync Calendar with external providers' calendars, e.g. Stanza

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    Mikel, thanks for the request.

    In DejaTask, click on the three-dot menu in the top right corner.
    Choose the third item, select multiple
    Once selected, long press on one, or hit the three dots menu again.

    This allows you to do the following options on a batch:

    Set Due Date, Set Priority, Delete, Set Category, Add Category, Complete, or Uncomplete.


    We sent the native Calendar. Most apps should be able to read from the native Calendar. Android Calendar format is problematic; it is open source, after all. So I would not expect certain recurring events to survive a round trip intact, for instance weekly recurring, or recurrences with exception dates.

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