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Thread: Ongoing sync problems

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    Ongoing sync problems

    I am currently running DejaOffice 1.9.8 with CompanionLink build 4028 on a Motorola Droid with version 2.2.1 installed.

    Since first installing DejaOffice many months ago, I have found that I cannot rely on the synchronization of tasks to be accurately and successfully completed between my Droid device and the Palm Desktop software running on my PC. Specifically, the most frequent problem I find is that if I mark a task (or multiple tasks) as completed on the Droid device, it will clear from the display as if it has been properly completed, but when I sync the device it is not removed from the Palm Desktop "Tasks" screen even with multiple syncs. Unfortunately, this is a truly random problem with no detectable pattern I have been able to establish. It may work properly for weeks at a time, and then fail multiple times a day for several days.

    In addition to the above, there are a number of other observations or "wish list" items I can think of:
    Poor performance opening the application and transitioning from menu to menu. Opening the tasks list or calendar can sometimes take several seconds, and overall latency still persists. I have approximately 1,200 calendar events and less than 400 contacts currently loaded.
    Synchronization of tasks between the Droid device and my Palm Desktop software is still less then reliable. I frequently find that clearing an item on the Droid will not (as I would expect) result in that item being marked completed in the Palm Desktop, requiring that I manually clear the item again on the PC and re-sync. All syncs are completed via USB.
    in DejaTasks, I would like to see several fields defaulted when creating a new entry based upon the current view. For example, if I am creating a shopping list for the food store (something I use my Droid for quite a bit), I will select the category "Shopping" from the list to view only items in that category. However, when creating a new entry I am required to not only define the category as "Shopping", but also choose the date. From my perspective, when creating multiple events in the same category (especially if they are for the same day) it would make more sense to default the Category to the current view selected (in this case, "Shopping") and default the "Due Date" to the current date. If the event is intended for a different date, the user would have to tap the "Due Date" field to adjust it anyway so you would not be adding effort for users entering tasks for different dates.
    Recurring tasks: any ETA on when this functionality will be available? I know it has been mentioned a number of times before, but I have not seen anything recently and was curious when this incredibly useful option would be available in DJO.
    If a reminder alarm is sounded for an event and the event is marked as completed without dismissing the alarm, the alarm will continue to sound at the defined interval. I have had this happen on a number of occasions.

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    Promise1, welcome to the forums. This is a lot of stuff.

    Your DejaOffice version is five years old. The current release is 4.4.9 build 1073

    However, your phone is also five years old. I don't think the current release will even run on a phone that old. We have to target Android 8 (Google rules) and this means that some old versions are no longer supported. I would suggest something with Android 4 or higher.

    CompanionLink current release is B8018.

    Before getting to a wish list, let's have you catch up to what we've been doing for the last five years.

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