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Thread: Will Deja Cloud always support previous versions?

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    Will Deja Cloud always support previous versions?

    I currently use 3.2.25 on my phone & tablet together with CompanionLink 5 (5072) for Outlook on my W7 PC.

    This all works well for me & more importantly is stable. I pretty much know the odd issues which are pretty minor.

    So the question is will Deja Cloud always support older versions for syncing or will there be an end of life point forcing me to upgrade the version?

    Thanks, Paul
    DejaOffice 4.4.14 (1102) on Galaxy A9 (2018) SM-A920F with Android 8.0.0
    DejaOffice 4.4.14 (1102) on Galaxy Tab S2 TM-810 (32GB) with Android 7.0
    Companionlink 5.0 Build 5072 with Outlook 2003 Sp3 on Win 7 Pro Sp1
    Now syncing Via DejaCloud

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    Paul, thanks for the message. We all live in a sea of swirling version updates. The phone updates, Windows 10 updates, Outlook 2016 updates. Wow.

    DejaCloud is a subscription service and I see you have a paid subscription. Did you know that conveys a free license to the current CompanionLink? You can update any time if you want.

    You've got a stable thing going with CompanionLink 5 and Windows 7. I'm guessing you are using Outlook 2007 or 2010 - I think those versions are far superior to Outlook 2016 if only because they don't auto-update.

    We do not intentionally change the product to become incompatible. So I'd love to say it will never change. However, we have some version updates on our side and one of those recently was to upgrade our Visual Studio version which impacts all the products we make. So our build-chain has updates, and sometimes it means we have to stop support. Probably the most scary thing is that we can't back-date our build chain. So at this time we cannot not build CompanionLink 5 to fix something, because although we have the source code, we no longer can duplicate the build chain we used years ago.

    I hope that answers your question.

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