DejaOffice v1.7.3 BETA is now available from

Version 1.7 brings a new Wireless Sync option for Android - much like CompanionLink has offered for other platforms such as iPhone and BlackBerry.

CompanionLink wireless sync is an OTA transfer with a hosted service for $9.95 per month. The OTA service enables data updates from your office while you are traveling.

This new sync method requires the latest CompanionLink Pro, build 4016.
Get the update here:

A setup-guide is also available here:

DejaOffice v1.7.3 BETA (10/1/2010)
*fixed various shortcut issues
*fixed global search for old events
*Fixed an issue where the calendar list view wouldn't open on today's date
*New task alarms default to the task's due date

DejaOffice v1.7.2 BETA (9/23/2010)
*sync shortcut will now begin a sync

DejaOffice v1.7.1 BETA (9/22/2010)
*improved search functionality

DejaOffice v1.7.0 BETA (9/21/2010)
*added new Wireless Sync option (requires CompanionLink Pro, build 4016 or higher)