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Thread: DJO and native contacts. Can DJO make the magic happen?

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    DJO and native contacts. Can DJO make the magic happen?

    Hi folks,

    I'm running ACT Pro 16.0, DJO 4.4.9 and CL Express 7.0.44. I use ACT as my primary dbase thru my laptop. My Pixel phone has two Google accounts and each of them have approx 3000 contacts most of which are duplicates. ACT syncs wirelessly just fine into DJO. I use DJO almost exclusively to contact customers when I'm not in the office. Because I am an organization nerd, I'd like to clean out those two native Google accounts and I know how to do it. So here are my questions:

    1. One of my reasons for cleaning them out would be to free up memory. Will cleaning them out free up significant memory?
    2. I still want to have about a dozen "starred favorites" in my phone directory but think that is only possible if they are in a native list. Can I make somehow make them faves in DJO or will I need to re-enter them in one of the native lists if I delete the natives?
    3. When I get a call, I would like their contact info to show up. Is this only possible if they are in the native list or can I make that magic happen in DJO?

    Thanks for the support.

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    Hello cater,

    To clear the Google contacts from the phone you can either remove the Google accounts from the phone or you can open DejaOffice and go to Settings > Sync Settings then tap Delete Contacts From Android Contacts App then select the accounts you wish to clear out. I'll address each of the other items below.

    1. Contact files are generally fairly small in size so it is not likely to free up significant space.

    2. DejaOffice does not have a "Starred" feature but a category for favorites could be created in DejaOffice, then you can add contacts to that category. Then viewing your "Favorites" category would show you your favorites.

    3. In order for the phone's native caller ID functionality to work the contacts would need to be synced to the native Contacts. If you do not want to sync the DejaOffice Contacts with the native Contacts, DejaOffice does have its own caller ID feature in Settings > DejaContact Settings that can be enabled.

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