A new product:

We have been proud to pioneer the mobile CRM space with DejaOffice for Android and DejaOffice for iPhone. We think it compares very favorably with the Outlook App, and provides better CRM capability than any other mobile platform. Most important, we provide sync to the leading PC databases like Outlook, Act!, Palm Desktop, and GoldMine.

What holds us back from making DejaOffice Mobile CRM a better CRM, is that it is closely tied to PC Outlook which is not a CRM. In Outlook, the Calendar and Task lists are disconnected from the Contact and Email lists. In Outlook, when you look at a contact, you canít see any of the history for that contact. There is no opportunity management.

We have decided to make a new Add-In for Outlook. The purpose is to add the additional views needed to make Outlook into a better CRM tool. Doing this will allow us to add fields and capabilities to our DejaOffice Mobile apps. We also want to maintain a secure PC based tool, that is lighting fast on the desktop and resistant to database import scanning by Cloud service providers.