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Thread: Views as Homescreen Links

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    Views as Homescreen Links

    Opening the contacts, tasks or calendar lists there are a lot of options for sorting, grouping, filtering and even font size. These are good features and a reason for me to decide for DO. But it should be clear, that one kind of view is not enough for daily use.
    So similar to the templates concept it would be nice to have different saved "views" for a quick access to (for instance) shopping tasks, business contacts or next weeks events.
    Moreover it would help to have these views as possible homescreen links.

    Greetings, Halweg
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    Halweg, this is already on the list. I'm not quite sure what form it will take. I'm thinking a row of icons or buttons on the top for views 1,2,3,4,5 or something like that.

    "Templates for the lists" is a basic idea we are working on. A quick way to set Category, Order, Sort by, Group by in a set way, that allows quick access to different types of views. Same for the Widgets.

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