Background - I have been alternating syncing with USB and then with Wifi for at least the past few months without this happening. Here's tonight's report (Friday 10/12):
This is getting worse! I know I had made a few changes on both sides since the last sync, but was looking at both as I did most of them in Palm to be sure I wasn't making the same changes in both, or different changes to the same item. All changes were in Calendar, I believe. After changing the settings in both sides to use USB, I checked in CLO to be sure it had not checked the options to reread anything. CLO is set as always to sync both ways, and not to wipe anything on Android before syncing. I believe I had exited each and reopened before syncing.
This time, for the first time (I think) it did a complete reread of *both* sides. Near the beginning, it alerted that I had deleted some fairly large number of calendar items in Android and did I want that to sync - said yes, though I didnít think I had done so many. I had never seen that warning before.
Once done, everything I had just changed in both sides was back where it was as of the last Wifi sync earlier today!!?? This I believe is the first time so many changes were not synced (and it was probably less than 20 total). Things I had deleted came back, and things I had moved forward to the next day went back to today.
My version of DJO has not changed recently, as far as I know - though it might have gone from 4.4.10 to 4.4.11.
Just for good luck, as I compose this, I have completely exited CLO and am restarting the phone. Both computer and phone have been on all day, but asleep at times.
A relatively minor side issue is that at times the alarm setting gets turned off - what I see right now is a couple of things turned off in DJO that should have it set. It is on in CLO. I very rarely use Dismiss for an alarm in DJO, only if I know I want it to be turned off for the future. Minor compared to the rest of this, but it shouldn't be happening. These are items that I move forward every day, without making any other changes.
The followup sync after moving things again is correct, except that those alarms still are off in the phone and on in Palm, and I want them on in the phone.
PS - I'm writing this Friday evening Oct. 12, and won't have a chance to post this for a day or two.
Update, 10/15 - I'm still finding some more duplicates, but overall it's behaving as it should. I'm trying to avoid moving the same item on both sides between syncs - but that had never been a problem for the past 2 years.