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Thread: How to change from USB to WiFi syncing?

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    How to change from USB to WiFi syncing?

    Next week, when I want to change to Wifi for the winter, what steps should I take to make the sync work properly the first time?

    I'm thinking that doing a USB sync,
    then not making any changes on either side,
    restarting both phone and computer,
    and then setting up and doing a Wifi sync should keep them coordinated?

    Samsung Galaxy S5, Android 6.0.1 (security patch level August 1, 2017), last system update Jan. 18, 2018
    DJO 4.4.11, build 1091; CL 7061.6
    Win10 x64, Fall Creator/April 2018 update, v 1803, last major update 5/24/18, last monthly update 10/10/18
    PalmDesktop 4.2

    USB sync -- manual syncing, as needed
    Not syncing to native Android calendar or contacts

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    And here's the result after taking those steps -

    CLO was definitely was not set to reread anything, but the sync started by reading everything in Android - contacts, calendar, tasks, and memos. Since I have over 500 items in each of 3 of those, it took quite a long time.

    When done with Calendar, it stopped and showed this message -
    You have deleted 36 Calendar records on Android.
    Are you sure you want these records DELETED on Palm Desktop?
    I clicked Yes to that.

    I didn't get that message for any of the other 3 parts, but I rarely delete items in them.

    Once done, everything seems to be fine, and a later WiFi sync ran properly.

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