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Thread: after a restore now have duplicate entries in iPad calendar

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    after a restore now have duplicate entries in iPad calendar

    Hi All

    iPad Air - v 8.x
    DejaOffice for Outlook v not recent
    Outlook 2016 on Windows 7 PC

    due to a malfunction of the iPad I had to restore from a backup made a couple of days ago. And after the restore is when I see a problem.

    This is what I normally do and what normally happens:
    I enter a event or appointment into DejaOffice.
    DejaOffice 'reads' native app for Calendar
    iPad Calendar gets populated with whatever I've entered via DejaOffice
    then when I sync to my Windows Outlook via CompanionLink the same events, etc get populated to my OUTLOOK calendar

    now today, AFTER doing that restore to my iPad, the NATIVE calendar app has DUPLICATE entries, everything has been duplicated. DejaOffice is fine.

    so what do I do to get my iPad NATIVE calendar looking good WITHOUT messing up my WINDOWS OUTLOOK calendar?

    - Do I DELETE the NATIVE iPad calendar, create a NEW blank calendar and hope that DejaOffice will populate the new calendar?

    Is my DESKTOP Outlook calendar getting updated with the information that is in DejaOffice calendar?

    Thanks for any help
    This has NOT been a good tech day!
    CompanionLink / DejaOffice
    Windows7 x64 (Dell Precision 3420)
    MS Outlook 2016
    Apple iPad Air iOS v 8.4.1
    DJO for iOS v2.1.6 (948), CompanionLink for Outlook v7.0 (build 7046), Sync (Calendar, Tasks, Notes) via WiFi
    Syncing to native Apple Calendar

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    I'm sorry to hear of the problem. I opened a ticket with Chris at I'm not sure if we have a phone number for you. We'll reach out this morning by email and get this all figured out.


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