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Thread: Can't Pair New Droid

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    Question Can't Pair New Droid

    I just got the Motorola Moto 6 with Android 8.0 (build OPS27.104-92) and I canít get Companion Link and Dejaoffice to pair. The app on the phone is the latest and I updated Companion Link to 4.5.14 (1102). I have followed all the instructions and watched the videos.

    My life is in Outlook and I rely on Dejaoffice to get me where I need to be on time. Any suggestions what else I need to try to get the two devices to pair?


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    The key to Wi-Fi sync is that both devices need to be using the same band on the same Wi-Fi hub. Also the Wi-Fi hub needs to allow add-hoc networks. I'm assuming you are using the same as before. Be sure to check the band (2.4 vs 5mbps). Check that one device can ping the other by ip address. That should be all that is needed.

    Tech support is open from 7am-3:30pm Pacific Time at (503)243-5200 or email

    Edit: One more thing; DejaCloud sync is like 1000 times faster and easier than Wi-Fi. You just set a DejaCloud ID and password, set it to Realtime Sync and never worry about sync again. Nothing to press, fully automatic, sync speed 2-3 seconds from Phone to PC. Please consider it.
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