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Thread: Why Start Freezing Now?

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    Why Start Freezing Now?

    I've been happily using DJO and CompanionLink for many years. Recently, DJO has started freezing when doing normal stuff like making or deleting appointments, editing appointment/contact details etc. After doing a few simple tasks in succession, DJO will first go to a black screen then after waiting almost a minute or more, DJO will ask you to close the app or wait for it to respond (see attached).

    Unfortunately, the problem persists even after I did a factory reset of my device today. Please advise.
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    Mobile Device: OnePlus 5
    Android Version: 8.1
    DJO Version: 4.4.14 (build 1104)
    CompanionLink Build: 8024
    Syncing with: Outlook 2010
    Sync Method: DejaCloud Sync
    Android Contacts Sync Account: DejaOffice
    Computer OS: Windows 7 (64-Bit)

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    sjamie, The freezing is just Android OS crashing on something. When Android crashes, I think it sends a HUGE crash report to Google, and that's the cause of the freeze.

    I'm suspecting there is a bit of bad data in your database.

    I'll have the programmer check crash reports (Google tracks them) to see what we can see.

    Thomas can try using your database if you want to send it. Go to Settings, Logging and Support settings, Send "logs" to and reference this forum post. (I.e. just say "forum post" - it's not like there are 20 in a day.)


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