This landed in our support queue this morning, but I'm posting here on the forums for discussion:

Are there any plans to add an email client and sync between Outlook and DejaOffice? I am using your Outlook product now, and find it excellent, but I must resort to some other means of syncing email with my Android device. It is awkward, and there is nothing as seamless and non-intrusive as CompanionLink.

Please let me know, and congratulations on an excellent product.
My current view is that Email "sync" and Contact/Calendar "sync" are very different things.

CompanionLink/DejaCloud does a great job of ensuring that Contacts/Calendar are kept the same from PC and Device (Outlook and DejaOffice on Android).

Our sync system does do email and we've implemented it a few times. But it makes no sense to receive an email on the PC and then "Sync" it to phone. It is far superior just to set your email on the phone to grab from the same mailbox. Currently none of the CompanionLink tools interact with Email.

With the introduction of DejaOffice on PC, there is a specific task in Franklin Covey techniques that I intend to handle. That is to drag and drop an Email from Outlook to Create a Task, Appointment, Contact or Memo in DejaOffice. So the Email is not "consumed" but the relevant data extracted to become a Contact, Calendar, Task or Note.

Anther feature will be adding the Email header and text into the Journal (History) in DejaOffice for PC. That way, when you view a Contact, you can see the emali history for that contact. This will not replace your mailbox. It will simply be a log of past messages. For storage purposes, I think we will strip out attachments and possibly formatting, leaving only a plain text view.

On Android, we've looked at doing DejaMail; a separate app that would just handle email. But my fear in this would upend our mission here at CompanionLink. Instead of doing Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes, we would become another "Email App" company like K9 or Edision. We are limited by Android OS in adding Email to DejaOffice for Android, because the app is already very large and can't take the extra code. So that would be two apps, not one.

Finally, on The PC Thunderbird has finally incorporated Calendar into their base build. So we are likely to add Thunderbird Calendar Sync to the CompanionLink/DejaOffice line of product in early 2019. That will give PC users a solid alternative to Outlook as their primary email Client.


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