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Thread: How to delete contact address

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    How to delete contact address

    I am trying to delete the work address for one of my contacts.

    I can delete the street, city, state, & zip, but I can't get rid of the GPS coordinates.

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    This is an oversight. We'll fix it soon....

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    This issue will be fixed for the sync in the next update to CompanionLink on the PC. In the mean time, if you are trying to clear the entire address field, try this:

    1. Open DejaOffice
    2. Select Contacts
    3. Select a record you want to remove a full address from.
    4. Tap the Pencil in the top right to Edit the record.
    5. Find the Address Field you want to clear (Work, Home, or Other), tap and hold on the address in this field for about 3 second and select Clear.

    This will clear all fields in that address, including the GPS coordinates.

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