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Thread: Backing up contacts on DejaOffice

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    Backing up contacts on DejaOffice

    I have all my contacts on Deja Office and my calendar too.
    I know that backup assistant runs backups but I don't know what data is being backed up.
    I am thinking I might want to use the phone as mey main contact software for my business.
    So I need to have working backups of my Moto so that I can always restore everything I have in DejaOffice. Contacts, calendar, notes etc. My Phone could crash or I could lose it and I want to be protected. What is the best way to do that?
    Is there a software that will let me run backups to my PC?

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    By default DejaOffice makes 5 automatic backups. When it gets to 5, it replaces the oldest one with the newest one to keep from making a large backup folder. You can manually backup DejaOffice to either the Internal Storage of the device or you can Email yourself a copy. To do this:

    1. Open DejaOffice
    2. Tap Settings
    3. Tap Logging and Support Settings
    4. Select Backup Database.
    5. Choose if you also want to include Attachments and Contact Photos (Depending on your database, these options can make the backup file a lot larger) and last choose to Email the backup or save it to the Default Storage.

    For backing up the PC, typically the "sync" would be backing up the data to a PC database. Are you only using DejaOffice on the phone? Or do you sync with a PC database such as Outlook or Palm Desktop?

    Just to note, our DejaCloud Sync method can act as some extra protection. The DejaCloud would keep a copy of the data in case something happened to the phone and you are not syncing with a PC.

    Here is our Support Page for Backing up DejaOffice:

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