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Thread: Return to same place in a Notes after Screen timeout?

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    Return to same place in a Notes after Screen timeout?

    Issue: I have many large Notes in DJO Contacts. When viewing a single large note, if the screen times out, DejaOffice Contacts will return to the beginning of the note, rather than the place I was reading the note. I would like DJO Contacts to return to the same place in the note after a screen timeout.

    I know I can set the Screen timeout to 10 minutes (maximum allowed under Android 8) but I don't want to waste the battery solving the problem this way.

    If here is no way for DJO Contacts to solve this (i.e. because Android just works this way), please let me know.

    If it is possible to solve it in DJO Contacts, please consider this a feature request!


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    Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we will get this on our feature request list.

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