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Thread: Is it possible to bulk-update the entire list of contacts?

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    Is it possible to bulk-update the entire list of contacts?


    I need to make a change to a large number of contacts.

    In my case, any phone number that begins with "8" should be changed to begin with "+7"

    There are dozens and dozens of numbers that need to be corrected this way.

    1. Is this possible (even if it requires regular expressions)
    2. If so, how?
    3. If not, can this be submitted as a product enhancement request?

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    jharris1993 welcome to the forums.

    Yes. But using Outlook will be better for you. I see from our records that you use DejaCloud and Outlook.

    If you sync to Outlook so that is all set. Then in Outlook, change your Contact view to View All Fields. This display an Excel-like grid of data.

    If needed, right click on the column headers so there is a column for each of your phone numbers to the columns.

    Finally, click on the column header to sort by number, so all yoour +7 and 8 are in order.

    Then just click on each one by hand and edit to what you need, +7 to 8 or vice versa. Outlook will modify and also set the modified field so sync will pick up the change.

    This should work for you.

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