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Thread: Backing up contacts on DejaOffice

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    Backing up contacts on DejaOffice

    Conventional Vacuum Cleaner Vs Smart Vacuum Cleaner – Which One Will You Choose?

    How is a smart vacuum cleaner (also known as a vacuum cleaner robot) different from a regular vacuum cleaner for home cleaning? Check out the following article to learn the answer..

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    1.The differences between them

    ● Principles

    Conventional Vacuum Cleaner: It works only when plugged into a power source. Users control the machine directly during the suction and cleaning up of the dirt.

    Robot Vacuum Cleaner: It automatically removes dust and dirt from the floor and corners, where it can move until the battery runs out. Users simply set the device mode once during use.

    ● Designs

    Conventional Vacuum Cleaner: There is a long suction tube about 1.2 meters long. Many suction heads are removable. Wires of 6-8 meters in length are integrated into the machine.

    Robot Vacuum Cleaner: It has a compact round design. It has a diameter of 35-40 centimeters and it is 8-12 centimeters high. It also has a detachable power cord and an automatic charging stand.

    ● Utilities

    Conventional Vacuum Cleaner: There are dust warning lights for when the device is filled with dust. You can clean leaves and hair through the blowing dust function. There is also a dust detection sensor that detects and easily cleans dust. The suction head can be detached, replaced, and rotated flexibly to access areas to be cleaned according to your needs. Moreover, on the handle are customizable functions with controls.

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    Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Depending on the model, the device can vacuum or clean automatically. Additionally, it notifies you when the dust container is full. A dust detection sensor helps you clean up dust more thoroughly. A virtual wall sensor limits the cleaning area, while anti-collision and anti-falling features, as well as sensors/processor chips, help calculate the path and control the movement of the machine. With a smartphone application, you can automatically adjust the vacuum function as well as program the time for vacuuming and automatically schedule work. Notably, the robot vacuum cleaner can vacuum on many different surfaces, cleaning with modes such as zigzag. It can clean the house and the edges of walls, then automatically return to its charging dock when the energy runs out.

    ● Noise and Price Levels

    Conventional Vacuum Cleaner: Although it makes loud noises -- about 65-80dB -- while at work, it is very affordable: only $30 to $600.

    Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Along with other advanced features, it works very smoothly, ranging from 40-50dB. Also, because of its many modern features, its price is much higher than that of conventional machines. Each machine costs from $500 to $1200.

    2. Which is better?

    If you are a homemaker who has plenty of time and wants to clean your house yourself, including floors, blinds, cars, blankets, tables, shelves, and drawers, or if your home has many stairs and furnishings, you should buy a conventional vacuum cleaner.

    On the other hand, a robot vacuum cleaner is intended for busy people who want to save time and effort, or people who like modern technology and who are not afraid of the cost. Remember that if you are going to buy a robot vacuum cleaner, you must make sure that your house has only a few furnishings and that there is a lot of space.

    3. Conclusion

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    By default DejaOffice makes 5 automatic backups. When it gets to 5, it replaces the oldest one with the newest one to keep from making a large backup folder. You can manually backup DejaOffice to either the Internal Storage of the device or you can Email yourself a copy. To do this:

    1. Open DejaOffice
    2. Tap Settings
    3. Tap Logging and Support Settings
    4. Select Backup Database.
    5. Choose if you also want to include Attachments and Contact Photos (Depending on your database, these options can make the backup file a lot larger) and last choose to Email the backup or save it to the Default Storage.

    For backing up the PC, typically the "sync" would be backing up the data to a PC database. Are you only using DejaOffice on the phone? Or do you sync with a PC database such as Outlook or Palm Desktop?

    Just to note, our DejaCloud Sync method can act as some extra protection. The DejaCloud would keep a copy of the data in case something happened to the phone and you are not syncing with a PC.

    Here is our Support Page for Backing up DejaOffice:

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