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Thread: Companionlink Sync fails on new iPhone XR

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    Companionlink Sync fails on new iPhone XR

    On my iPhone8 I had no problems syncing between DejaOffice 2.4 and PalmDesktop 4.1.4 through USB connection

    Today I bought a new iPhone XR and although the shop, synced my old iPhone 8 and my new iPhone XR, they forgot (or it just didn't work) to sync my Agenda.

    Now I am trying to sync from my Palm desktop on Windows 10 to my iPhone XR, but it hangs forever in "Waiting for Pc Data"

    Apparently, there is no contact between Pc and iPhone.

    I am using CompanionLink Version 7 Build 7050

    What should I do ?

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    Mr. Mulder,

    Your new iPhone probably has IOS12 on it. Apple generally updates the USB driver with each iOS version. So it is important to be on the current version of CompanionLink.

    You will need CompanionLink 8 to sync with the new phone. There is a discount for the update. Here is a link for a purchase with the discount - and also $10 off:

    With the drivers contained in CompanionLink 8 your new iOS 12 iPhone should connect just fine.

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    Dear DJOCTO,
    On my iPhone 8, I had already IOS12 and everything worked fine,
    so I still don't understand why it now fails on the iPhone XR.

    On the other hand, I wouldn't mind to upgrade to CL version 8, if I am sure it cures my problems.

    Is there a try before you buy option ? If yes, please send me a link,
    so I can download the trial version of Companion Link for iPhone to Palm Desktop

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    From what I understand, the phone OS is what sets the required USB driver (for windows). I have not heard that the phone model is important.

    I talked to my team, and they think the old phone was using a "compatibility mode" for the USB Driver.

    Give CompanionLink 8 a try to see if it connects. It was my impression that CL8 is required if iOS 12 USB.

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