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Thread: Database apparently lost

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    Database apparently lost

    Admin's & members, last night I unfortunately used a piece of virus and "junk" cleanup software (Nox Cleaner, to drop the name) to try and get my download speed up to network speed at my house. At the end, when I started DejaOffice, I got the "Unable to access SD Card / DejaOffice could not locate your database" message. After poking around for about an hour, I decided to wait until this morning and tackle it. So getting the same messages this morning, I followed instructions to try and restore whatever backup was on the SD card. However, I don't sync the phone with anything or use CompanionLink on my PC, and I see no companionlink<date>.db file on the card. I do see another clusb folder and a file or two that are dated today, and they seem essentially empty.

    So then, for better or worse, I deleted and reinstalled the app and waited a while, thinking that my Google Drive backup (which supposedly has DejaOffice in it) would automatically restore the "new" app's data -- which was apparently intact when I looked on Google Drive last night (phone backup settings were set for this.) But that file was apparently overwritten from what I can see in the short time since the database "removal" last night and the app restoration this morning. So I'm basically stuck in the water, with years of memos and tasks gone up in smoke.

    Can anyone give me some specifics to look for or try to get my DejaOffice back to 24 hrs ago?

    For what it's worth, Nox Cleaner seems to have left everything else intact, with the exception of my desktop appearance and custom wallpaper.


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    Sorry to hear of your problems.

    The drive characteristics of Android phones are less than clear. You might try connecting to a PC and poking around, instead of just using phone apps. The problem is that Android OS does this virtual drive thing that makes things seem to be in different spots.

    You are definitely looking for companionlink.db or companionlink<date>.db.

    Uninstalling and reinstalling would not change anything. So no need to worry about that part.

    Can you email with your phone number, and we'll have a tech call to help with a thorough search tomorrow. Our office hours are 7am-3:30pm Pacific Time.

    Just to add for anyone else; DejaCloud Sync is free if you have less than 500 records (Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes) and is a great way to back up DejaOffice data onto the cloud server. For unpaid accounts, data is saved for six months from the time of the last sync. To pay an account costs just $40 per year ($1.66 per month) which is less than a cuppa starbucks!

    Also for secure offline backup go to DejaOffice Settings, Logging and Support Settings, check all the boxes and select Email Backup and email it to yourself. This will give you a back up file in your mailbox that you can save on your PC or wherever.

    Finally - to use your data on your PC - check out DejaOffice PC CRM - Free Edition: The free version does not connect to PC Outlook or PC Palm Desktop, but it does include Wi-Fi and USB Sync to your phone.
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