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Thread: Restart phone between USB syncs?

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    Restart phone between USB syncs?

    Do I need to restart between syncs every time? When I was having trouble getting the USB sync to work last spring, the rep who helped me had me restart it as we worked through each step. Now that the DJO updates have solved the problems I had, is it still necessary to do all those restarts?

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    Samsung Galaxy S5, Android 6.0.1
    DJO 4.3.6, build 1002; CL 7044
    Win10 x64, AU update; PalmDesktop 4.2

    USB sync --- manual syncing, as needed
    Not syncing to native Android calendar or contacts

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    USB Sync for Android and iPhone is nothing like the old Palm Days.

    The sync must be done through the Music Transport Protocol - since serial USB access is not enabled.

    A part of the Music protocol is that transferred data is not finalized until the device is disconnected. So a modern phone can't be left connected for multiple USB Syncs like a phone that supports Serial data transfer.

    We recommend DejaCloud sync because these phones are always on the Internet. Also we revamped BlueTooth sync (Requires CL 8 B8040 or higher) and it works very well now.

    I hope this info helps.

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    Vicki - you have a similar setup to mine except I I've replaced the S5 with a S10e, and I use USB sync half the year (all summer). I'd suggest experimenting with not restarting, one step at a time. Begin this after you have done a successful sync and you know that both sides are the same. Then add a few items on just one side, either Palm or phone (call them Test1, Test2, etc). Do a sync without a restart, and check to see if those items appear properly on the other side. Then repeat on the other side, with different names for the items. Third, edit them a bit on each side, and do one more sync. If those are all right, then you probably are okay, but keep an eye on it.

    I've still had some glitches with the S10e, but a couple of things have helped. First, I found that there was a newer version of CompanionLink so I installed that. I also noticed that CL still runs as a background task when I thought that exiting it was closing it. So, before a sync, I close it in Task Manager, close Palm, and also completely close DJO in the phone (go to the recent app list and close it there). Then reopen all 3 and do the sync. Towards the end of the day it sometimes seems to run slowly, so I might proactively restart the phone too, which doesn't take very long (faster than dealing with a sync problem).

    Samsung Galaxy S10e, Android 9, security patch level, July 1, 2019; software updated Aug. 1, 2019
    DJO 4.4.23, build 1160; CL 8040
    Win10 x64, Fall Creator/March 2019 update, v 1903, last major update 6/20/19, last monthly update 7/31/19
    PalmDesktop 4.2

    USB sync -- manual syncing, as needed
    Not syncing to native Android calendar or contacts

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