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Thread: Alarm problem when in a time zone away from home

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    Unhappy Alarm problem when in a time zone away from home

    In recent releases of DejaOffice, I have the following problem. When I am in a time zone away from home, the alarms misbehave. If I turn off the alarm for an event or change when it is to ring, the alarm rings according to the original setting as well as the new one. When it rings after I turned off the alarm notification for the event and I open the notification, it does not have the usual format with a snooze button, but it rather has an almost blank page with a back arrow. Sometimes the alarm problem is worse in that the alarm for the event keeps going off. In that case the only way I can get DejaOffice to work normally is to rebuild the Calendar.

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 running Andoid 9 kernel version 4.4.153 and DejaOffice 4.4.24 (build 1167).

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    Mel, thanks for the heads up. In DejaOffice Settings, General Settings, what do you have for Time Zone Shift? I assume "No".

    In order to not shift appointments, DejaOffice needs to reset the alarms database when it senses that the phone has shifted time zones. Android OS is based on Linux, so all internal times are GMT. So when you go from Eastern time to Central time, your appointment is still at 8am. But to the phone, the time zone has shifted from 13:00 to 14:00 GMT, and the software needs to make this shift.

    You are right to do the Rebuild Calendar Display. This function does reset the entire alarms table. The next 10 alarms are downloaded to Android OS, and kept by the OS in a table. So this has to be rewritten when the phone changes time zones.

    This is supposed to be automatic. We'll get that fixed. Until then, run the Rebuild if you see it misbehave and that will reset the alarm table in the Android OS.

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