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Thread: Export all contacts from DO Android

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    Export all contacts from DO Android

    I'm using the latest version of DO on my Android phone. Is there a way to export all contacts from the phone app to a single .txt, .csv, or .vcf file? I can't see a way to select all my contacts and export them to a file that I can import into my email client. Thanks.


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    delta1071 welcome to the forums!

    Do you mean mail client for Android, or Mail Client on the PC?

    For Android: You want to export to the native Android Contacts. To do that go to Settings, Sync Settings, and right in the middle check the box for Sync to Android Contacts. Once checked go back to the Main menu and press "Read Android Data". This will read and write to native Android.

    For PC: You have CompanionLink for Outlook -so if Outlook is your mail client, just set CompanionLink up to sync.

    If you are using Thunderbird or another mail client, Please reply back. It's a few more steps but will be different for each mail client.

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