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Thread: Cloud issues

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    Cloud issues

    I use Deja Office (DO) from my phone. Sometimes I can't see all my memo's data on the cloud when looking at it from my PC. Could this be due to privacy and encryption settings on some DO memos, such mask, hide, encrypt? I've used DO for years. I've only began using DO cloud, several months ago, to back up my data but never read up much on some options such as mask, hide, encrypt.

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    This is something that has changed in 2019.

    Currently DJOL does not have a setting to control Show/Hide private records

    Based on User request we made the decision to Hide them all. This was done about August. This is to avoid showing data that some people consider "secret".

    We have an open dev item to make this a setting so people can change it. I expect this will be available within 60 days or so.

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